Working With Women

Dr. Pearlyn Herrick specializes in working with women of all ages. With a magical gift for helping women find and fulfill their deepest yearnings, she is able to lead them on an inner and outer journey of profound discovery.

Married for over 40 years (she claims she was wed at 4 years old), having successfully raised two daughters to adulthood, and having worked with clients for over 30 years, she exhibits a unique and wonderful ability to help her clients move past seemingly insurmountable obstacles…and to untie otherwise impossible knots.

Whether helping a teenager launch, a 50-year old break free from the effects of an abusive childhood, or a 90-year old deal with new romance, she brings deep empathy, profound intuition, remarkable creativity and a wonderful sense of humor to her work.

One of America’s preeminent holistic doctors, specializing in Classical Homeopathy and nutrition, she also posesses an exceptionally rare understanding of the body-mind nexus.

Through coaching and other creative approaches, she helps women manage the rich and often trying complexities of their lives: marriage, family, work, health and multiple other concerns.