Homeopathic Treatment While Taking Allopathic Medicines

A number of my patients who come to see me are taking Allopathic/conventional medication for a variety of problems. Many are coming because it is their hope to be able to stop these medications which may be causing many side effects or simply because they prefer to be drug free.

Others are coming simply to see their overall health improved with Homeopathic/Naturopathic treatment and do not realize there is a possibility that with this treatment they may able to reduce or stop the use of the conventional medication.

RhustoxSince they are already taking other medications, one of the first questions asked is, “Will there be a problem with taking a Homeopathic remedy while I am taking my regular medicines?”

There is no problem with drug interaction in the conventional sense where the interaction of different drugs may produce a totally new set of symptoms and difficulties.

When someone starts Homeopathic treatment while on conventional medicine, there are several possibilities of what may happen.

Each patient is a unique individual with unique responses which need to be carefully monitored and respected. In certain cases it is simply not wise to discontinue the use of conventional medication. With Homeopathic/Naturopathic treatment the person will feel overall better with a decrease in certain symptoms, but still need to stay on their conventional medicine.

Another possibility is that the patient may be able to reduce or eliminate their conventional medicine.

When taking a Homeopathic remedy, a person who is taking medicine to reduce his blood pressure may find that his blood pressure is declining because his overall system is now better balanced and therefore needs to reduce his conventional medicine to make sure his blood pressure does not fall too low.

A patient taking medicine for a hypothyroid problem may find that with Homeopathic treatment despite feeling overall better she may continue to need the additional thyroid medicine or since her system is now better balanced, the amount of thyroid medication she has been taking needs to be reduced.

In all cases the doctor who has prescribed the medications should be informed and consulted for the best way to decrease the medications.