Treat Allergies Homeopathically

Looking forward to spring but begrudging your allergies? Want to be sneeze-free without giving up your weekends outdoors?

Many over the counter medications, such as common antihistamines, offer symptom relief. However, they come with mild to severe side effects and don’t often treat the ultimate cause for lasting freedom from allergies and asthma.

homopathy allergy treatmentI treat both the immediate symptoms and the underlying cause of asthma and allergies with safe, non-toxic, natural approach. Appointments are available in-person and on Skype.

Feeling the affects of pollen? Here are three over-the-counter Homeopathic remedies for temporary respite to tide you over until your appointment with me.

These remedies can often be found at Hahnemann Laboratories, Whole FoodsGood Earth, Pharmaca, or through your local Homeopathic pharmacy.

Among the many options, the following three are most frequently used for providing relief of the common symptoms of watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing; each remedy also covers certain distinguishing features.

Symptoms: Very itchy palette, and feeling compelled to scratch it with your tongue.

Symptoms: Do you have very watery eyes and a strong need to rub them? If your eyes don’t burn, but just water, this may be your remedy. If you also have burning discharge (water or mucus) from your nose and your overall symptoms feel worse in a warm room and towards evening, there is a good chance Allium Cepa is your new best friend.

Symptoms: The opposite of Allium Cepa. Euphrasia is a common treatment for constant watery eyes, but the tears tend to burn while the nasal discharge does not.

As with all recommendations by the doctor online, these are only suggestions and should not be taken as professional treatment.

A person with severe allergies and asthma seeking Homeopathic care should be treated by a professional well trained in Homeopathy.

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