Homeopathic Research Matters

One of the complaints levied against Homeopathy is that there is no research to substantiate its effectiveness.

To counter this issue I highly recommend the article “Homeopathic Research Matters: Worldwide Momentum via UK Journal and Homeopathy Research Institute” by Tina Quirk,RN,MS,CCH,RSHom, NA published in Homeopathy Today, Spring 2016 Volume 36, Number 1.

Homeopathy Today

Ms. Quirk writes:

To be considered credible and scientific, it is vital that a health profession have a peer-reviewed research journal.The homeopathy profession has such a journal, called Homeopathy, which was founded by the Faculty of Homeopathy in the UK in 1911.

It is the only peer-reviewed publication dedicated to homeopathy research that is indexed in MED-LINE, a database of life science and biomedical literature maintained by the US National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health and researchable online via PubMed search engine.”

“Users and consumers can confidently describe the scientific validity of homeopathy to their health professionals, friends, and families who may be unfamiliar with or skeptical about homeopathy.To find out more about the journal and to subscribe, visit wwwhomeopathyjournal.net.”

You can read the entire issue here and the article itself is on page 14