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Allergies, Asthma and Anxiety

Homeopathy provides many remedies which can cure a wide range of conditions. This account demonstrates how elegantly, by balancing a person’s whole system, one homeopathic remedy is able to cure several conditions at once.

Fran, age 43, came to the office with several concerns: allergies, asthma and multiple forms of anxiety. “I’ve had allergies my whole life and they’ve gotten progressively worse over the past ten years,” she told me during her first appointment. Her allergy episodes involved paroxysms of sneezing, intensely itchy eyes, and a runny nose. Six years before, she had started using an inhaler to control episodes of wheezing. In the last year, due to serious side effects, she had to stop using the inhaler. Since childhood, almost any form of exercise could, at times, precipitate asthma. Her first visit was in December and she mentioned that whenever she jogged in cold weather she became asthmatic.

Though very accomplished, Fran also suffered from anxiety attacks, anticipatory anxiety – about anything new or difficult – and great self-doubt. Her parents had been loving, but highly critical and demanding. Perhaps as a result of this, Fran expected a great deal of herself and was highly sensitive to criticism.

Based on a full spectrum of symptoms, in particular the fact that she tended to be on the warm side, got headaches from the sun and had a strong desire for salt, the homeopathic remedy Natrum muriaticum was prescribed for her. Within a few weeks her symptoms began to improve. Over time, as was established during several follow-up visits, they continued to improve. Eight months later Fran reported “the best summer I’ve had in many years.” During the next two years her inhaler became less and less necessary, the anxiety attacks completely disappeared, her anticipatory anxiety substantially decreased and her over-all emotional state greatly improved. A single, correctly chosen remedy was able to significantly improve the quality of Fran’s whole life.

Treating Eczema – or Atopic Dermatitis

Homeopathy provides a variety of remedies which can cure eczema. As in all homeopathic cases, the remedy was prescribed on the basis of this particular individual’s very specific symptoms. In other words, someone else with eczema but with different general symptoms would be prescribed a different remedy.

One April Joey, age 23 months, came to the office with his mother. She explained that from early infancy he frequently and easily would get colds, the flu and bronchitis. Because of this Joey had been on antibiotics and cough medicines a number of times. At 17 months a serious skin problem developed, the eczema first appearing on Joey’s face. Cortaid ointment was prescribed for one month but did not help. Within a short while the eczema appeared all over Joey’s body. Suffering from intense itching, he would scratch until his skin bled. His mother then brought him to a dermatologist, who made the diagnosis of atopic dermatitis. He prescribed Cortisone, Atarax, and antibiotics to deal with the secondary infection.

Concerned about the use of all these medications, the parents decided to try a dietary approach and placed Joey on a special, low dairy diet. But that also didn’t help.

Finally Joey’s mother brought him in for homeopathic treatment. In determining the correct remedy, I noted certain telling symptoms: orange juice would produce a rash around his mouth, a shy boy, he would cling to his mother in new places, but after awhile would socialize; generally easy-going, if he became angry he would get very upset and hit a table; he had a healthy amount of energy, but often was sleepless from the itching; when he did sleep, it was on his abdomen with his buttocks up; tending to be warm, he loved to walk around without socks or shoes. At his initial visit the correct homeopathic remedy was prescribed.

One month later his mother described the results: during the first week the itching was worse; but after that the eczema began clearing little by little. With much less itching at night, Joey was able to sleep better. By his second follow-up, one month later, the eczema was considerably better and Joey regularly slept through the night. For six months Joey did very well, until one day the eczema reappeared on his left cheek and he developed a slight cough. The mother brought Joey back in, the remedy was repeated and within a few days both the cough and the eczema disappeared. For the past year, the mother reports, Joey has remained a healthy child.

Autism, or Pervasive Developmental Delay

Homeopathy can be remarkably effective with the often devastating condition of Autism or PDD. At the same time, PDD involves a wide range of behaviors and response to homeopathic treatment can be quite varied. Generally, the changes are slow and progressive. In any case, despite certain very dramatic results, as in the following account, it is very important for parents to appreciate that miracle cures cannot be promised and should not be expected.

Both physically and intellectually Bobby’s development appeared to be normal until he was fifteen months old. At that age he could speak a number of words. Then, without warning, he retreated into a world of his own. His ability to form words disappeared. His energy, which had been good, dwindled and he often appeared lethargic. Noises would send him into a rage or else into inconsolable crying. A neurologist diagnosed him as autistic.

After his first visit, at three years old – the homeopathic remedy Bufo was administered and his family noted a dramatic change. Bobby became less sensitive to noise, more energetic and over the coming months his language returned. After he entered a special education pre-school his teachers noted that unlike their other students who learned by repetition, Bobby was able to generate his own responses. By kindergarten he was in a mainstream classroom with supportive services. Over the next few years his progress continued.

Though Bobby needed to work harder than the average student at his school work, he did and would eventually excel. By the time he was twelve years old he was in an accelerated math group and was an avid reader. Focusing, which had been a serious problem for Bobby, was no longer an issue. To the school’s surprise he was able to both focus and persevere.

At this writing, some difficulties continue to persist. A young teenager, he sometimes will miss certain social cues and the point of a joke. He has some difficulty with grooming, and his mother reports that he has the self-care skills of a younger child. However, over-all, both academically and socially, he is doing remarkably well. Much-liked at school, he is sensitive to others and emotionally mature.

Vaginitis, PMS and Menstrual Cramps (Dysmenorrhea)

Homeopathy is often the treatment of choice for a wide range of women’s health care issues. Sometimes, as in the case that follows, a single remedy can effectively cure an entire set of the patient’s concerns.

Jane, age 37, came in for recurrent vaginitis. In the course of the interview she mentioned that she also suffered from menstrual cramps and premenstrual tension. Over the last several years the latter had become truly debilitating: two weeks every month, prior to her period, she felt very irritable and bloated. Premenstrually she was very weepy and sensitive and constantly thought of past events in which she had been hurt. Her greatest concern was that all her symptoms were starting to affect not only her relationship with her partner, but her relationship to her colleagues at work as well.

Key symptoms that helped me determine her correct homeopathic remedy was that she described herself as feeling overheated, getting headaches from the sun and craving salt. As a result, I treated her with Natrum muriaticum. At her first follow-up visit a month later she reported that her premenstrual symptoms lasted only one week and were much milder. The intensity of the cramps descreased by 50% and the vaginal itching was gone. During the second month her premenstrual symptoms continued to become milder and lasted only three days. The cramps were minimal and the itching completely gone. By her third month of treatment Jane reported that: “I didn’t even know my period was coming. It was my best period ever and I feel great!”

Interstitial Cystitis, or Bladder Infections

Homeopathy can provide thorough, yet completely natural help for the considerable discomfort and inconvenience of bladder difficulties. The following case is one of many examples.

Amanda, a lively, petite 38- year old, came for a visit, reporting that she had been struggling with recurrent cystitis – bladder infections – since high school. Having seen several urologists, she twice had had her bladder stretched. On each occasion this procedure had proved moderately helpful, for a short period of time.

During her visit with me she described having to urinate frequently during the day and at least three times at night. Despite continually relieving herself she had a constant, uncomfortable feeling of pressure in her bladder. Other symptoms, helpful to a homeopath in choosing a remedy, were that she craved sweets and nuts and tended to be uncomfortably chilly. Moreover, her energy had not been good in recent months, with an especially difficult drop from 3:00 to 5:00 pm; though she usually felt better when she exercised, she had been too tired to do so. Based on her total symptom picture, she was prescribed the homeopathic remedy Sepia.

Two months later Amanda reported that, almost immediately after taking the remedy all her symptoms had completely disappeared for about six weeks. “I was actually very surprised,” she told me. “My bladder felt totally comfortable and I was able to sleep through the night without having to get up and use the bathroom. My energy has been really good. I don’t need as many layers of clothing. I still like sweets and nuts, but it’s not an obsession!” However in the last few weeks she’d noticed some of her bladder symptoms returning. “There’s more pressure again and I have to urinate somewhat more frequently. Though they are much milder than before, some of the symptoms have returned.” Given another dose of Sepia, she found that the symptoms again disappeared and this time, even after six months, she reported that she no longer had any problem with interstitial cystitis.


Most women go through menopause without a problem. However a certain percentage experience symptoms: for some these are mild, for others severe or even incapacitating.

The most common symptoms are vasomotor instability, more commonly known as hot flashes, sleep disturbances, menstrual difficulties, memory difficulties and mood changes.

Many women are hesitant to use hormones, whether synthetic or bio-identical and seek other options to deal with their problems.

Homeopathy is highly effective in balancing the body-mind system at this time of life. The majority of the women I’ve worked with have responded well and have not had to resort to HRT.

Adelle, age 53, a homemaker and office manager for the family business, had been experiencing severe hot flashes: “wicked” as she described them. They came on as frequently as every hour. During the night she was drenched in sweat and often had to change her nightclothes. Because of this her sleep was interrupted and she felt tired.

In addition she was having memory problems bordering on confusion. She reported episodes of looking at one of her daughters and calling her by her husband’s name. Quite anxious, she spoke rapidly and forcefully and worried constantly about her children’s safety. “I worry about everything, particularly my children. I am even anxious about being anxious!”

In addition Adelle had episodes of high blood pressure – which she recognized by the pulsating headaches she had. Her blood pressure, which often ran as high as 180/100, was not controlled by conventional medication.

Prior to this time when her periods were regular, her menses were bright red containing small clots as if in a chain. At times she would also feel as if something were alive in her abdomen.

Due to the severity of her symptoms her gynecologist advised HRT. However Adelle sought another option because her mother had died of breast cancer and the thought of taking hormones increased her anxiety. A friend of Adelle’s who I had successfully worked with for menopausal issues referred Adelle to me, and she was hoping she would have the same success.

Many of Adelle’s symptoms are common to a difficult menopause- the night sweats, sleep disturbances, mood change and even confusion. These symtoms allow us to make the diagnosis of menopause, but do not lead to the remedy itself.

Many homeopathic remedies cover these symptoms. In order to find the curative remedy, I needed to look at Adelle’s unique or characteristic symptoms: the appearance of her menses, sense of aliveness in the abdomen and the pulsating headaches during menopause. These led me to prescribe the Homeopathic remedy Crocus sativa.

At her follow-up one month later, Adelle was impressed by the results. “I feel more like myself! The headaches are hardly there. To be sure I take my blood pressure several times a day. Like any other mother, I worry about my children, but these worries don’t run me now. I rarely have hot flashes and therefore my sleep is much better. So is my energy. This is great!”