Ignatia for Amanda’s Grief

Amanda, age seven was brought see me due to her diagnosis of seizure disorder. She initially developed simple seizures at 17 months old after she was weaned.

Her neurologist placed her on medication for about 6 months and then the medications were stopped on a trial basis. There were no further seizures until she was five years old when the seizures started again within a few months after the sudden death of her father. This time Amanda’s seizures could be simple or complex.

The neurologist placed her on various medications but the seizures were still not well controlled. In addition Amanda was not as alert since the medications showing some difficulty focusing in school. Her mother did not think a cure was possible but hoped that Homeopathic care might control Amanda’s seizures without the side effects of drowsiness.

Aside from the seizures, Amanda had a good health history and was a bright, delightful child with a strong interest in science. In reviewing her history with her mother, it became clear that each time the seizures had made their appearance, Amanda was dealing with grief.

Her mother reported that Amanda seemed despondent for a time after she stopped nursing and shortly thereafter the seizures started. Amanda as was her mother was profoundly effected by grief after the death of Amanda’s father.

There were no specific physical symptoms that could point to a remedy. The seizure symptoms themselves could have been covered by any number of remedies. However, the correlation between Amanda’s grief and the onset of seizure symptoms was quite strong, the only indication for a remedy.

I Prescribed Ignatia

Strychnos ignatii

Strychnos ignatii via Wikipedia

On this basis I prescribed the remedy Ignatia one of the well known remedies for its supportive effect for the effects of grief.

With the support of Amanda’s neurologist, Amanda continued her allopathic medicine and Ignatia.

Within a month, Amanda’s seizures decreased and the neurologist started to wean Amanda off her medication.

Ignatia was continued and after 2 more months Amanda was able to discontinue her seizure medication.

Ignatia was continued for several more months and Amanda continued to be seizure free.

Her response was beyond her mother’s hopes and expectations and she was thrilled that her daughter that was completely off medication and symptom free.

There are many Homeopathic remedies that can be beneficial to someone who has a seizure disorder. The remedy is selected on an individual basis depending on characteristic symptoms.

Ignatia is commonly prescribed to a patient during a time of grief to help deal with the the more commonly known aspects of grief–apathy, trouble sleeping and poor appetite.

As can be seen in this case, Ignatia can have a profoundly curative effect on physical symptoms that originate as a result of grief.