Classical Homeopathy Can Help Your Asthma

An Interview with Dr. Pearlyn Goodman-Herrick, a Naturopathic Doctor

Are you tired of using medicine to treat your asthma? Do you feel that everything you have tried to treat your asthma just doesn’t work? If you answered, “yes” to either of these questions then you could be interested in trying classical homeopathy to help your asthma. To help understand how classic homeopathy is different from “traditional” medical approaches and how classic homeopathy can help with your asthma, I have interviewed Dr. Pearlyn Goodman-Herrick, a Naturopathic Physician licensed in California and Connecticut.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

“I am a Naturopathic Doctor specializing in Classical Homeopathy, which I have been practicing for over 30 years. My goal and joy is to offer people a safe, non-toxic system of treatment, which is not merely palliative, but curative. My concern is the restoration and maintenance of health on all levels-mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I recently moved to California where I have offices in Inverness and Mill Valley. I live in Inverness with my husband of 40 years and two cats. I have two grown daughters.”

What are the traditional medical approaches to treating asthma?

“Perhaps it would be preferable to refer to “traditional” medicine as conventional medicine or allopathic medicine. I think these terms are more accurate, because conventional/allopathic medicine is really not traditional in the sense of time-honored systems of medicine that are embedded within cultures. Conventional medicine is a good term because it is the medicine that is accepted at this time by a large number of people in the Western world. Allopathic medicine is a term coined by Samuel Hahnemann who developed Homeopathy over 250 years ago. The term allopathic emphasizes that the medicine given produces an effect different from the disease. For example an anti-inflammatory is given in situations of inflammation; an anti-histamine in allergic situations, an anti-fungal given where fungus proliferates and so on. In Homeopathy we are using medicines which in minute, potentized doses are capable of producing the same symptoms in healthy people as the disease itself and are curative of these symptoms in people who have them.”

“In short the conventional approach is to manage asthma. Some medicines prevent the build-up of mucus in the airways. Other medications are given which prevent the asthmatic reaction from occurring. These medicines cause bronchodilation allowing the asthma sufferer to breather more comfortably. This is of course an important function and is particularly valuable in emergency situations.”

“I am often asked if I am against allopathic medicine and I want to emphasize that is not at all the case. I believe there is value in all forms of medicine. No one system has all the answers. However, why not use a safe, non-toxic form of medicine like Homeopathy? If you get results, great; if not try something else.”

What is Classical Homeopathy and how is it different from our traditional medical approaches?

“Homeopathy seeks to cure the person so that the person is ultimately medicine free. Homeopathy uses minute doses of substances specifically prescribed on the totality of the person’s systems not just the asthmatic symptoms. The person is looked at as a whole– how he responds to his environment-mentally, emotionally and physically. Each patient is regarded as an individual so that if we take ten people with asthma or any other diagnosed condition, each may receive a different remedy because although they each have the same diagnostic condition, each person is really quite different in how he is emotionally and physically–one person is very chilly, another very warm, some craving fats, some sweets, some both. All the minute details lead the homeopathic practitioner to prescribe the remedy best suited for the individual.”

How can Classical Homeopathy help asthma?

“Classical Homeopathy balances the person’s system so that they experience a higher level of wellness. As the system is better balanced, the asthmatic symptoms lessen and eventually disappear.”

What advice would you like to leave for someone who is considering in using the classical homeopathy to treat asthma?

“It is important that you find a homeopathic practitioner experienced in the treatment of people with asthma. If you are already on allopathic medication, do not stop it until you see the homeopathic medication is working. Then you can slowly wean off your conventional medication supervised by the prescribing physician. In addition, you may want to explore certain breathing techniques such as the Buteyko method which helps people with asthma retrain the way they breathe. Be patient. While acute episodes of asthma can be handled quickly, it will probably be a process overtime to fully cure the asthmatic condition and any underlying allergies.”

Thank you Pearlyn for doing the interview on how Classical Homeopathy can help asthma.

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