Homeopathic Treatment for Fatigue

One of the common conditions I see in my practice is problematic fatigue.

On days when your energy is good, is adequate to the tasks that you need to accomplish, you are able to do what we need to do; we may even have a sense of capability and resiliency when something unexpected or difficult comes your way.

However, if your energy has been depleted due to an illness, prolonged stress, unexpectedly or seeming without cause, you may struggle to deal with your day to day activities.

You feel frustrated because things that you would typically do or enjoy are simply too much. A friend invites you to a movie you have been wanting to see and you don’t go because you are just too tired to make the drive to and from the movie theater.

You love tending your garden, digging in the dirt, watching the bees and the birds enjoying your plantings. Now there is some cutting back to be done, some cleanup work and you look forlornly as the garden becomes more overgrown.

You visit your physician and much to your surprise your physical and laboratory tests return in the normal range.

To deal with your situation you may take to the internet hoping for an answer. You make changes in your diet and take new supplements. Perhaps you feel bit better, but still the fatigue persists.

A friend recommends that you see her doctor who practices Classical Homeopathy.

The doctor checks the results of your physical and blood work and concurs that results are all normal. However the doctor understands that a patient’s symptoms may occur long before there are observable problems in either the physical or the laboratory work.

Just because the results have been normal does not mean the problem is “in your head” and therefore your concerns are to be dismissesd.

The doctor knows that it is important to listen carefully to the expression of your problem. Under what conditions is the fatigue better or worse? Was there a particular stress that preceded the fatigue?

If so, how did you deal with it? Do you have any other symptoms or concerns?

When all the information is gathered I will look for a Homeopathic remedy to balance your system to restore your energy If needed I will also make recommendations changes in diet and adjustments in lifestyle.

After being given the correct remedy, I often hear the following comments,’Oh, I feel so much better, my energy is so much better!” “I’m back to my self doing all the things I used to do” and “My energy is so good now; I have more energy now than I had when I was younger!” Hearing the joy in my patients’ voices renews my energy as well!