Dealing With Menopause

Most women go through menopause without a problem. However a certain percentage experience symptoms: for some these are mild, for others severe or even incapacitating.

The most common symptoms are vasomotor instability, more commonly known as hot flashes, sleep disturbances, menstrual difficulties, memory difficulties and mood changes.

Many women are hesitant to use hormones, whether synthetic or bio-identical and seek other options to deal with their problems.

Homeopathy is highly effective in balancing the body-mind system at this time of life. The majority of the women I’ve worked with have responded well and have not had to resort to HRT.

Adelle, age 53, a homemaker and office manager for the family business, had been experiencing severe hot flashes: “wicked” as she described them. They came on as frequently as every hour. During the night she was drenched in sweat and often had to change her nightclothes. Because of this her sleep was interrupted and she felt tired.

In addition she was having memory problems bordering on confusion. She reported episodes of looking at one of her daughters and calling her by her husband’s name. Quite anxious, she spoke rapidly and forcefully and worried constantly about her children’s safety. “I worry about everything, particularly my children. I am even anxious about being anxious!”

In addition Adelle had episodes of high blood pressure – which she recognized by the pulsating headaches she had. Her blood pressure, which often ran as high as 180/100, was not controlled by conventional medication.

Prior to this time when her periods were regular, her menses were bright red containing small clots as if in a chain. At times she would also feel as if something were alive in her abdomen.

Due to the severity of her symptoms her gynecologist advised HRT. However Adelle sought another option because her mother had died of breast cancer and the thought of taking hormones increased her anxiety. A friend of Adelle’s who I had successfully worked with for menopausal issues referred Adelle to me, and she was hoping she would have the same success.

Many of Adelle’s symptoms are common to a difficult menopause- the night sweats, sleep disturbances, mood change and even confusion. These symtoms allow us to make the diagnosis of menopause, but do not lead to the remedy itself.

Many homeopathic remedies cover these symptoms. In order to find the curative remedy, I needed to look at Adelle’s unique or characteristic symptoms: the appearance of her menses, sense of aliveness in the abdomen and the pulsating headaches during menopause. These led me to prescribe the Homeopathic remedy Crocus sativa.

At her follow-up one month later, Adelle was impressed by the results. “I feel more like myself! The headaches are hardly there. To be sure I take my blood pressure several times a day. Like any other mother, I worry about my children, but these worries don’t run me now. I rarely have hot flashes and therefore my sleep is much better. So is my energy. This is great!”