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What is Healing?

What is Healing?

What does it mean to heal? Many people would be perplexed that we even ask the question. “Well, the answer’s obvious,” they’d say. “When the symptoms go away, of course!” This response makes perfect sense when talking about acute illness. By definition, an acute illness or trauma lasts a relatively short period of time, with […]

COVID-19 Update

At this time all appointments are by telephone or other means of remote connection. Naturopathic Medicine which includes Homeopathy has much to offer in the areas of health maintenance, illness prevention and the treatment of colds, flus, and upper respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis and pneumonias. Dr.Goodman-Herrick has treated patients with all these conditions over […]

Here Comes the Sun


I wrote this for the fall 2018 edition of Homeopathy Today magazine… Coping with loss, from grieving to healing by Dr. Pearlyn Goodman-Herrick Grief is a normal reaction to loss. We all go through the grieving process at various points in our lives, and we usually get through it … somehow. At times, however, our […]

Lyme & Me

A skilled doctor reflects on curing herself as her first patient with the disease In 1997, I was living in Connecticut when I discovered a small tick embedded in my leg, which I removed right away. Within a few weeks, the bull’s eye rings associated with Lyme disease began to develop and I experienced flu-like […]

Homeopathic Treatment for Fatigue

One of the common conditions I see in my practice is problematic fatigue. On days when your energy is good, is adequate to the tasks that you need to accomplish, you are able to do what we need to do; we may even have a sense of capability and resiliency when something unexpected or difficult […]

Homeopathic Misconceptions: Cure Takes a Long Time

Homeopathic Misconceptions: Cure Takes a Long Time

Homeopathy is a profound system of medicine treating both acute and chronic conditions. It is important to distinguish between the treatment of acute and chronic conditions since there is quite a difference in how quickly each will respond; an acute problem usually comes on suddenly or over a period of several days and will resolve […]

Cats Being Catty – A tale of bites, infection, jealousy … & healing

Homeopathy Today - Sebastian

Sebastian and his sister Clementine, both age six, were adopted when they were two-month-old kittens. Sebastian is a gentle, non-aggressive cat who loves the outdoors and his independence. Well known in the community for his wandering ways, he has endeared himself to neighbors. While I cherish both cats, Sebastian’s independence led me to form more […]

Homeopathic Research Matters

Homeopathy Today

One of the complaints levied against Homeopathy is that there is no research to substantiate its effectiveness. To counter this issue I highly recommend the article “Homeopathic Research Matters: Worldwide Momentum via UK Journal and Homeopathy Research Institute” by Tina Quirk,RN,MS,CCH,RSHom, NA published in Homeopathy Today, Spring 2016 Volume 36, Number 1. Ms. Quirk writes: […]

Treat Allergies Homeopathically

homopathy allergy treatment

Looking forward to spring but begrudging your allergies? Want to be sneeze-free without giving up your weekends outdoors? Many over the counter medications, such as common antihistamines, offer symptom relief. However, they come with mild to severe side effects and don’t often treat the ultimate cause for lasting freedom from allergies and asthma. I treat […]