Peri-menopause, Menopause, Holism & Homeopathy

Many women experience symptoms during peri-menopause and menopause. The symptoms include hot flashes, sleep difficulties, mood changes and any variety of physical changes. Seeking relief, women may turn to conventional treatment using hormone therapy(HT). Other women seek a more natural approach using bio-identical hormones.

HT is used because it is thought that the problems a woman are experiencing are due to lowered hormone levels as evidenced by laboratory testing. The solution is to replace the hormones at a level the woman herself is no longer producing.

Indeed many women, but not all women feel better with HT. However, while these treatments can provide a form of relief there are often side effects and concerns about their long term use.

Moreover, for many women despite taking hormones, symptoms persist or worsen. Whether or not HT provides relief, the underlying problem of balance has not been corrected. All women during the peri-menpause and menopause experience a decrease in female hormones; not all women experience symptoms.

From a holistic approach I want a safe, effective way of restoring balance and eliminating the body’s dependence on hormones. I want a way for the body to self correct. Homeopathy provides such a safe, effective method. Treatment is individualized for each women’s needs.

Different remedies are prescribed based on each woman’s overall symptoms. Annette a 55 year old woman had been on HT for 4 years with only minimal relief of her hot flashes and continued depressive feelings. Within a month of starting Homeopathic treatment she reported “I didn’t think it was possible to feel this good again. Not only have my hot flashes stopped, my sleep is good and my energy is terrific. I have my joy back again.”

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