Health Care Choices

Even here in San Francisco, people often have a difficult time making health care choices, especially when it comes to alternatives to “traditional” treatment.

A major reason people struggle is they often fear making the wrong choice, sometimes with good reason!

Often a particular health decision can have a very significant impact on the way we live. And some times a choice can determine if we do live!

Unfortunately, some health care providers also imbue us with fear–suggesting that theirs is the only way that can help; that other methods of healing will be harmful to us.

Also, information concerning medications changes over time. All too often a so called “wonder drug” later turns out to have devastating side effects. So people are increasingly wary about what to try.

Another cause for difficulty is that many people see their options as “either-or:” either follow the conventional medicine route or pursue what is termed alternative medicine, such as Homeopathy or Acupuncture.

People don’t realize that, depending on the circumstances, sometimes it is fine to use both options.

Finally, patients have little way to evaluate the truth what is best for them. So it is reasonable that people become confused about their options.

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